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What spurred us on to start to think about putting together some of these old films, photos and slides was that recently my brother and I went through many old items in the process of moving our Dad and Mom from a house they were in for many years to a much much smaller condo. Typical now for many families like us. We came across a number of boxes of old photos of family memories and many of some older racing such as some footage from Indy 1967 and Tran Am Series 1968 and some car shows from all those years gone by. Also some 8mm films. A few were in decent shape, but some very faded and scratched up when I “rented” an old projector and will probably need to go through a bit of a clean up process.

We are sorting through some of these and linking with 2 “service associates” to take some of these and convert to a digital media like CD/DVD and other media like thumb drive etc. Pending the outcome through the next month or so, we intend to look at the feasibility of capitalizing some of our equipment and start to targetĀ  the “Motor Head and Racing” crowd with that type of service.

I think we should be able to offer the service at a reasonable cost with quick turnaround times as I am in consultation with a previous business associate of my wife, who now offers this type of service on the East Coast, but caters more towards the “Family Memories” target market.

Please stay tuned in the future as we “Gear Up” on this new venture……….


Film frame of Jim Clark Lotus at Tech Inspection at Indy ’67


Trans Am Champion Jerry Titus heads to grid at 1968 Meadowdale 250


AMC Javelin #4 for driver George Follmer ready for practice.



Film frame of Mark Donohue at speed in the Penske Camaro



Dan Gurney heads out for practice at Indy 1967


Jerry Titus later in the year 1968 when the Shelby Tran Am Mustangs were painted in Corporate Ford Blue, thinking it might change their luck with continued engine problems.

Peter Revson #3 AMC Javelin at Speed in Race Motion……