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In August of 1971,when we were living in Northern Illinois,we went to many of the midwest classic tracks such as Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. I had been to the track many times since I was a little kid, as my uncle and dad had run an Elva in SCCA for quite awhile and I got to travel to a number of the “local” racetracks such as Wilmot Hills, Lyndale Farms,Meadowdale, Blackhawk Farms and others. This was the first time though that I had seen the ground pounding monster Can Am cars up close, What a thrill to see these beasts head up the hill past the pits and thunder by at close to 200 mph.

For this race I was with a little older friend who was a “semi-pro photographer” and was able to use his,expensive at the time, Nikon 35mm camera, and get a few decent shots of some classic Cam Am machinery in action. Here are a few of those photos from the race that we hope to digitize etc with our new service as I sort through some of these old memories. I continue to find a bit more and hope to post in near future………

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Jo Siffert in the Porsche 917/10 prior to the Penske guys taking over the program for the following year.


World Champion F1 driver Jackie Stewart in the Lola T260 with L&M Cigarettes sponsorship that would go to the Penske/Donohue Porsche 917/10 the next year in ’72.


Jackie Oliver in the very fast Don Nichols Shadow sponsored by Universal Oil Products. Later these cars would be all black and really look mean. Jackie O would take the championship for Can Am in a Shadow in 1974.


World Champion F1 ace Denny Hulme in the dominating McLaren M8F. Denny would not win that day in August ’71, as he retired with some mech issue, and his team mate for the year Peter Revson would take first in the other McLaren #7 and would go on to win the championship for 1971..



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