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North American Racing Team (NART) Ferrari 365 GTB/4 R Daytona.


Through one of our close associates who grew up in Florida, we recently received a few “vintage” photos from The Sebring 12 Hours from 1969-72 with few shots of the NART Ferrari Team and some others including Ford GT’s and Lola T70. Below is a short video production we posted on You-Tube…

As Always,….ENJOY and TACH IT UP………!!!


In our continuing series of short presentations of vintage aircraft, this video is posted on You-tube and is Part 2 of our “Winged Warriors of the Past” Series.

These are just pictures of P-51 Mustangs, series B through D, taken in Florida after WW II in the1950’s and early 60’s, by one of our close associates’ father who had and flew both a P-51D and F8U Bearcat as shown in our earlier video in Part 1 Warbirds. As we are located in the Reno/Tahoe area and have been attending the Reno Air Races for many years, please stay tuned for more to come of that fine event and some more B/W vintage plane photos from the past.


P-51 D Mustang racer from the pit area at Stead Air Base at the Reno Air Races

More to follow from the Pits……….

Most of our pictures, articles, films and video productions have been of Cars and/or Motor Racing, however this quick video is of some Vintage WW II Aircraft taken in Florida in the mid 1950’s to the early 1960’s. One of our associate’s Dad was heavily into racing of all kinds with boats, plane and cars and he was kind enough to let us share some of these “Warbird” images from the past. The custom Bearcat in the early pictures was actually theirs, “Back in the Day”. There is also a bunch of pics of P-39 “Air Cobras” not the Shelby Cobras we would normally show. Interesting that the P-39 from Bell Industries had the name Cobra before the American Icon sports car was christened with the name. This will be one of four more anticipated videos of vintage aircraft, so please come back in the near future to enjoy these old memories…..

Please go to our link below and watch our cleaned up and digitized old 8mm film footage of Trans Am Race at Meadowdale 250. Iconic old track outside of Chicago, in 1968 with the Javelins, Camaros, Mustangs, Firebird and misc Porsches running in practice and on race day back in July of 1968. Posted on You-tube with some of our other works….



You can go to the link below and watch our new digitized and cleaned up old 35 mm Slides from Winternationals from Pomona and from The World Finals at Orange County International Raceway (OCIR) from the early eighties and we have done a You-tube production and a Chapter of some of our other NHRA Drag Racing Memories from the “Glory Day’s” as a demo as to what can be done with old stuff laying around and collecting dust in the closet……Enjoy and TACH IT UP…….!!!

In sorting through a number of boxes from moving recently, we have found many slides and a few pics from both the Winternationals from Pomona Fairgrounds and the World Finals from Orange County Raceway (OCIR) from 1979-1983. I will continue to try and post a few and this is going to be another winter project to get them put in digital form.

One of our latest Productions and Posts of the old slides from late seventies and early eighties from Pomona and Orange County International Raceway (OCIR)

Enjoy and………TACH IT UP!!!!…




Dyno Don smokes the slicks in Pro Stock in a MUSTANG II…



Bob Glidden through the traps in Pro Stock in Pinto…..


Wally Booth at speed in the AMC Pro Stock Hornet X..



This is not at OCIR or Pomona but at US 30 Dragstip of our friends Marty and John with the OLD MILWAUKEE Pro Stock Camaro in 1972




Our good friend Al Dapozzo (RIP), lights the hides in his Top Alcohol Dragster Championship Winning “EVIL SPIRIT” at Orange County Raceway in the World Finals 1982.


Don “THE SNAKE” Prudohumme burns ’em off with the PEPSI Challenger Firebird FC at OCR.






In August of 1971,when we were living in Northern Illinois,we went to many of the midwest classic tracks such as Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. I had been to the track many times since I was a little kid, as my uncle and dad had run an Elva in SCCA for quite awhile and I got to travel to a number of the “local” racetracks such as Wilmot Hills, Lyndale Farms,Meadowdale, Blackhawk Farms and others. This was the first time though that I had seen the ground pounding monster Can Am cars up close, What a thrill to see these beasts head up the hill past the pits and thunder by at close to 200 mph.

For this race I was with a little older friend who was a “semi-pro photographer” and was able to use his,expensive at the time, Nikon 35mm camera, and get a few decent shots of some classic Cam Am machinery in action. Here are a few of those photos from the race that we hope to digitize etc with our new service as I sort through some of these old memories. I continue to find a bit more and hope to post in near future………

TACH IT UP…….!!!


Jo Siffert in the Porsche 917/10 prior to the Penske guys taking over the program for the following year.


World Champion F1 driver Jackie Stewart in the Lola T260 with L&M Cigarettes sponsorship that would go to the Penske/Donohue Porsche 917/10 the next year in ’72.


Jackie Oliver in the very fast Don Nichols Shadow sponsored by Universal Oil Products. Later these cars would be all black and really look mean. Jackie O would take the championship for Can Am in a Shadow in 1974.


World Champion F1 ace Denny Hulme in the dominating McLaren M8F. Denny would not win that day in August ’71, as he retired with some mech issue, and his team mate for the year Peter Revson would take first in the other McLaren #7 and would go on to win the championship for 1971..



Here is our latest post from quick production on YouTube of NHRA Drag Racing in the 1980’s. This is part of the 3rd Chapter of some more digitized and cleaned up slides from the early eighties of Pro Stockers “DOOR SLAMMERS”, from Winternationals at Pomona and World Finals from old Orange County International Raceway (OCIR) from early eighties when we were there when our friend from back in the Chicago days was running Top Alcohol Dragster. That was Al Dapozzo and he was racing for TEAM STRANGE with the “EVIL SPIRIT” Dragster and he did win the Winternationals in 1982. Stay tuned as the dragsters will be part of our next chapter.

Until next time…….TACH IT UP….!!!

As part of our continuing productions of Drag Racing in The Eighties, here is a new post on You-Tube of “DRAGSTER MANIA”. These are digitized and cleaned up slides of a number of Top Fuel and Top Alcohol Dragsters, with a Jet Exhibition Rail thrown in, at Pomona and Orange County for the Winternationals and World Finals form early 1980’s. We were there when our good friend from the Chicago Area, Al Dapozza, was racing the Top Alcohol Dragster “Evil Spirit” with Team Strange. Al would win the Winternationals in 1982 at Pomaona.

Enjoy and TACH IT UP…….!!!

What spurred us on to start to think about putting together some of these old films, photos and slides was that recently my brother and I went through many old items in the process of moving our Dad and Mom from a house they were in for many years to a much much smaller condo. Typical now for many families like us. We came across a number of boxes of old photos of family memories and many of some older racing such as some footage from Indy 1967 and Tran Am Series 1968 and some car shows from all those years gone by. Also some 8mm films. A few were in decent shape, but some very faded and scratched up when I “rented” an old projector and will probably need to go through a bit of a clean up process.

We are sorting through some of these and linking with 2 “service associates” to take some of these and convert to a digital media like CD/DVD and other media like thumb drive etc. Pending the outcome through the next month or so, we intend to look at the feasibility of capitalizing some of our equipment and start to targetĀ  the “Motor Head and Racing” crowd with that type of service.

I think we should be able to offer the service at a reasonable cost with quick turnaround times as I am in consultation with a previous business associate of my wife, who now offers this type of service on the East Coast, but caters more towards the “Family Memories” target market.

Please stay tuned in the future as we “Gear Up” on this new venture……….


Film frame of Jim Clark Lotus at Tech Inspection at Indy ’67


Trans Am Champion Jerry Titus heads to grid at 1968 Meadowdale 250


AMC Javelin #4 for driver George Follmer ready for practice.



Film frame of Mark Donohue at speed in the Penske Camaro



Dan Gurney heads out for practice at Indy 1967


Jerry Titus later in the year 1968 when the Shelby Tran Am Mustangs were painted in Corporate Ford Blue, thinking it might change their luck with continued engine problems.

Peter Revson #3 AMC Javelin at Speed in Race Motion……