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In our continuing series of short presentations of vintage aircraft, this video is posted on You-tube and is Part 2 of our “Winged Warriors of the Past” Series.

These are just pictures of P-51 Mustangs, series B through D, taken in Florida after WW II in the1950’s and early 60’s, by one of our close associates’ father who had and flew both a P-51D and F8U Bearcat as shown in our earlier video in Part 1 Warbirds. As we are located in the Reno/Tahoe area and have been attending the Reno Air Races for many years, please stay tuned for more to come of that fine event and some more B/W vintage plane photos from the past.


P-51 D Mustang racer from the pit area at Stead Air Base at the Reno Air Races

More to follow from the Pits……….